de Sille

Arms of Nicasius de Sille, of Arnheim, Netherlands, who came to New Netherlands in 1653 to serve as First Councillor to Peter Stuyvesant.

Nicasuis was born september 23, 1610, in Arnheim. He studied at Leyden and the Univerity of Orleans where he graduated "with the cap," a Doctor of Law, as his father had done before him.

ARMS- Sable a saltire argent; in the center chief a mullet of six points Or; in the flanks and base a curry-comb argent.
CREST- upon a wreath of the colors (sable and argent) two arms in armour embowed, each grasping in the gauntleted hand a broad sword hilted and pommeled or, tilted outwardly, all proper.

He married 1st, Cornelia Meulmans, daughter of Peter Meulmans and Anna Marschalk, and came to New Netherlands a widower with five children.

Nicasius was one of the original Proprietors of New Utrecht, and in 1657 he built there the first stone house in the town, which "also had a tile roof," and was standing until 1850, when it was destroyed.

Children of Nicasius de Sille and Cornelia Meulmans:

  1. Walburga, b. at Maestricht 30 Nov., 1639; md. 1st, in New Netherlands, Francois Cregier, with whom she had one daughter, Elizabeth. She afterwards md. Wilhelm Bogardus.
  2. Anna, b. at Maesricht 6 Nov., 1640; md. 1st, in New Netherlands Hendrick Kip; md. 2nd de Bruynne.
  3. Gerardina, b. at Amsterdam 10 Feb., 1642; md. Johannes van Couvenhoven.
  4. Laurens, b. at Wyt, near Maestricht 2 Oct., 1643; his second wife d. at Waalwyt 27 aug., 1704.
  5. Petrus, b. at Maestricht 6 Jan., A. 16--; d. unmarried, 8 Dec., 1663, at Nieuwer Amstel in the Zuyd (South) River of New Netherlands.

to be continued...

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