Genealogy on the World Wide Web
via the Internet (Part B)



Message Boards, Forums, etc.

There are a number of web sites where you find places to see what others are researching, and post your queries. Some of these pertain to family names, geographic locations such as states or counties, or various topics such as Quaker, Jewish, or Native American. Some of them have search capabilities to search for keywords within the forum.

Email Correspondence

Email is a great facilitator in doing research. On can save enormous amounts of time and send large amounts of data or published material in a few moments. Email is not just for E-Notes. You can send long letters with much information and can likely convert or attach your present research files and share them across the globe.

I suggest using POP3 Email as opposed to Web Mail, so you can more easily save copies of what message you are receiving. What I do to save space in my Computer is to append all my email pertaining to a particular surname into one, or a few, files, so that I end up managing a smaller number of files.

Some Favorite Links for Genealogy on the Web

When you find something at one of the web sites, try to contact the submitter of the information. Sometimes the submitter has a great deal of genealogical or biographical information that did not make it onto their web site. Email is really great because huge amounts of information can be transmitted in a short period of time for very little expense. If you aren't able to find the submitter at the given address, sometimes one of the phone directory tools such as can be useful.

Some new, recently added links:

Web Page or Text Translator Web Sites

There are a number of web sites where you may enter a web address URL or text into a form to have it translated immediately. (There are also links professional translation services available from some of the sites)

Using Internet Search Engines to Find Ancestors

With these Search Engines, in addition to using names and places in your query, try using words that are commonly found in genealogy databases IN FRONT OF the names you are searching for, such as: surnames, persons, father, mother, spouse, b., d., md., born, died, married, family, marriage, etc. Some of the Search Engines have "search tips" pages; suggestions to help you get better results. If you have on your own web site, submitting the URL to various search engines will help others find your web pages, thereby enabling correspondence.

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For a quick search of a number of search engines all at once, try...
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Dogpile. All results, no mess.
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