Welcome to my genealogy web site. Please consider this site permanently under construction. Much of the information found here has been gathered from collections made by my mother, Caroline M. Wurts, and my father's parents, John Sparhawk Wurts and Dorothy Barrett (Williams) Wurts, concerning our lineages. I have finally posted my Ancestors of Reed Molthan Williams Wurts database!!! So far I have only entered into my ANCESTORS database parents for each family and will enter the other children as time goes by. Eventually, I will collect collateral lines of sibling descent for future inclusion and request that viewers with lines that connect share information for future posting. Also, if you find any errors/discrepancies, please let me know what information you have on those instances. I have collected this information from various sources, but have not verified the data with primary sources. I have included some of the source references in the notes for some of the individuals. Some of the medieval lineages are known to have conflicting sources, and a few of the modern lineages have even been found to be in need of corrections. Information source documentation is very valuable in all lineage research and I encourage viewers to volunteer sources for information they find listed here. I hope you will find some previously undiscovered ancestors here!

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12-Generation Name-Only Pedigree Chart

Geographical Index


WURTS Family Database
Descendants of
Johannes Conrad Wirz and Anna Goetchius
of Zurich, Switzerland, who arrrived in Philadelphia
May 29th, 1735 on the ship "Mercury"
(updated 11/18/98)
(Goetschy Colony passenger list & journey chronical)

WILLIAMS Family Database
Descendants of
Daniel Webb Williams and Jemima Lewis
of Winchester, Frederick Co., VA,
and Uniontown, Fayette Co., PA
(updated 11/28/13)

My German Ancestry Database
Ancestors and Cousins of
Emil Henrich Friedrich Molthan;
Molthans of Kusel, Furchtenichts of Behrensen,
Houy, Page, Clund, Neu, Dauwemann, Hellriegel, Fischer

REED Family Database
Descendants of
Elijah Reed and Jane Oliver
of Snow Hill, Worcester Co., MD
(coming soon)

SOLOMON Family Database
Descendants of
Jonas Solomon and Hannah Applegate
of Freehold, Monmouth Co., NJ,

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Geographical Index

Surnames of my ancestors are listed here if there is a record, or other information, that indicates their presence in the area at some time. These initial listings include names mostly from country/state focus lists of individuals that have been entered in the computer database so far.

I have temporarily linked some of the names to my Heraldry pages, but am in the process of linking them to my Ancestors database, now that it's finally posted! Some of the names are followed by a "(+)" link which indicates that there is a separate page with additional family information such as other children, biographical info, sources, and a few links, and some include heraldry. If there is such a "(+)" page, it usually contains more info on a particular family than the database entry.

Many of the names on my father's mother's side are linked to my Williams Descendants and Associated families database which lists other children of the families.

United States

Great Britain & Ireland

Channel Islands




Adams, Beckley, Beckwith, Bishop, Brown, Bushnell, Cadwell, Calkins, Catlin, Chapman, Churchill, Clark, Clarke, Crow, Curtice, Deming, Dewey, Dod, Dodd, Drake, Eston (Eaton?), Foote, Fush, Gaylord, Gifford, Gore, Griswold, Hand, Hatch, Higley, Howard, Hurlbutt, Judd, Lathrop, Lines, Loomis, Lynde, Marvin, Moore, Newcomb, Noble, Northrop, Nye?, Parker, Partridge, Randall, Riggs, Rogers, Roosa, Royce, Saunders, Sims, Stebbins, Steele (+), Stephens, Stevens, Stone, Stoughton, Stratton, Talcott (+), Terry, Tough, Treat, Wheeler, White, Wilcox, Wolcott (+),


Brown, Oliver, Van Horn,


Gilbert, Lyndall,




Bennett, Cameron, Codd, Hanson, Milligan, Oliver, Reed, Stout, Ward, Williams,


Allen, Ansell, Bailey, Blossom, Cadwell, Carwithy, Chapin, Cook, Crow, Curtice, Daggett, Dewey, Eddy, Farrar, Gifford, Goodie, Gore, Hand, Hatch, Higley, Lamb, Lathrop, Learned, Leonard (+), Loomis, Moore, Newcomb, Noble, Palmer, Parke, Partridge, Pettit (+), Porter, Randall, Rowley, Russell, Ryder, Sabin, Scant or Searl, Spring, Stebbins, Stratton, Steele (+), Talcott (+), Throckmorton (+), Tilton, Warren, Warriner, Wheelock, Whitmore, Wilbare, Wilbore, Wilbur,

New Amsterdam

Surnames and Patronymics:

Bennet, Baddie, Boz, Brouwers, Caniachkoo, Claussen, Craven, Cregier, Croessen, de Nys, de Sille (+), Dorland, Droogle, Duytsen, Egberts, Ellsworth, Eltinge, Enjard, Fokker, Frans, Fredericks, Gerritse, Haegan (+), Harmens, Heertgens, Idens, Ingart, Iniaart, Isbrants, Jacobs, Jacobsen, Jans, Janse, Jansen, Joosten, Juriaans, Kip, Kregier, Kuyper, Langendyck, Liveling, Lubbertsen, Meulmans, Mohawk, de Nys, Rapalje (+), Remsen, Roelofs, Slaight, Slecht, Sleght, Staats, Suydam, Trico, Van de Grift, Vanderbeek, Van de Water, Van Dyke (+), Van Hazen, Van Horn, Van Huysen, Van Nuyes, Van Sant, Van Sandt, Van Woggelum (+), Van Zant, VanZuyt Dam, Verkerck, Vincent, Wanshaer, Woggelum (+), Woglum (+), Wynkoop (+),

New Hampshire

Drake, Pettit (+), Walker,

New Jersey

Allison, Applegate, Boz, Bresier, Brazier, Brown, Brunson, Brymson, Bollen, Bullen, Burwell, Campbell, Clark, Clarke, Cook, and another Cook, Cox, Craig, Dey, Dod, Dodd, Drake, Dye, Egberts, Ely, Forman, Freeman, Furchtenicht (J.C.F.E.F. died there), Grandin (+), Greenland, Heath, Homan, Johnson, Johnston, Kuyper, Lardner, Lathrop, Lee, Leonard, Lyndall, Mount, Oliver, Pettit (+), Riggs, Salter, Senior, Solomon (+ descent database), Stout, Throckmorton (+), Tilton, Van Princess, VanPurmerant, Vanuxem, Vaughan, Vaughn, Venables, Walker, Wall, Werndli, Wilbare, Wilbur, Wurts, Wynkoop (+),

New York

(see also: New Amsterdam above)
Applegate, Bailey, Bayley, Bancroft, Blashford, Braconie, Brazier, Bresier, Brown, Cook, Cooper, Craven, Croesen, Curtice, de Sille (+), Dey, Dirks, Droogle, Duytsen, Dye, Enjart, Forman, Gransden, Halsey, Hand, Hatch, Heath, Henderson, Houy, Howell (+), Ingart, Iniaart, Kip, Kregier, Kroesen, Lathrop, Lieveling, Lines, Mohawk, Molthan, Moore, Patrick, Pettit (+), Pieters, Ryder, Slack, Slaight, Sleght, Spicer, Stratton, Terry, Throckmorton (+), Tilton, Van de Water, Van Dyke (+), Van Sandt, Van Woggelum (+), Van Zandt, Van Zant, Verkerk, Wall, Wanshaer, Wheeler, Woggelum (+), Woglum (+), Wurts, ( - also relatives Wurts of New Paltz, NY), Wynkoop,

North Carolina

(names of North Carolina)


Apperly, Craven, Dodd, Dungan (+), Dyer, Elliott, Frazer, Frazier, Gilbert, Goetschius, Götschi, Hart, Homan, Hough, Keith, Krusen, Lackey, Lancaster, Lathrop, Lombaert, Lyndall, Mann, McNair, Mitchell, Molthan, Noble, Reed, Rich, Slack, Snodgrass (+), Stockton, Torbert, Van Horn, Vanuxem, Venables, Wanschaer, Weaver (+), Williams, Wirz, Wurts, Wynkoop (+),

Rhode Island

Freeborn, Lang, Latham (+), Pettit (+), Porter, Spicer, Throckmorton (+), Weaver (+), Wilbare, Wilbur,

South Carolina

(names of South Carolina)


Cadwell, Williams (C. B. W. died there)


Bennett, Lewis, Webb, Utie, Williams



(Emigrant Era - many, many surnames to go here!)
Astwood, Baker, Bancroft, Bayley, Beckwith, Bishop, Blossom, Brackenbury, Burwell, Bushnell, Calkins, Catlin, Churchill, Clark, Clarke, Codd, Cook, Cooper, Daggett, Dewey, Drake, and another Drake, Dungan, Ely, Eston (Eaton?), Foote, Freeborn, Fush, Gifford, Gore, Gransden, Halsey, Hatch, Heath, Henderson, Higley, Hurlbut, Lang, Latham, Lathrop, Learned, Leonard, Loomis, Marvin, Moore, Newcomb, Noble, Palmer, Partridge, Pettit, Porter, Randall, Riggs, Rogers, and another Rogers, Rowley, Royce, Ryder, Saunders, Senior (Senear), Sims (Symes), Stebbins, Steele, Stephens, Stevens, Stone, Talcott, Terry, Throckmorton, Tilton, Tough, Treat, Warriner, Weaver, Wheeler, Wheelock, White, Whitmore, Wilbore, Wolcott,


Cadwell, Frazier, Hurlbutt (of English descent),


Williams (+ descent database),


Isle of Jersey

Barbier, Grandin (+),



Rapalje (+),


(see my German Ancestry and Cousins database for these families)

Clund, Clundt, Dauwemann, Fischer, Furchtenicht, Fürchtenicht, Geheimloffels, Glund, Harmens, Hellriegel, Houy, Huy, Molthan, Molthahn, Neu, Page, Raquet,


Surnames / Patronimics:
Baddie, Bos, Bosch, Braconie, de Sille (+), Dirks, Enjart, Everwijn, Haegen, Harmens, Hendricks, Hofstaeyen, Kype, Le Notre, Lubberts, de Marneil, Marschalk, Meulmans, Panwel, Puyn, Romaignan, Slaight, Slecht, Tijsen, Trico, Van der Goes, Van der Grist, Van Dyke (+), Van Westen, Van Woggelum (+), Van Zant, Van Zuyt Dam, Verhagen, Vivikin,




Aeni, Bachtiger, Burkardt, Goetchius/Goetschi/Goetschy (+), Holzhalb, Horner, Kleiner, Klingler, Kolliker, Krumm, Leemann, Urikon, Werndli, Wirz (+ Swiss Wirz history and heraldry),
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