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On "the Tuesday after St. Nicholas' Day, A.D. 1492," Heinrich, Jacob and Johannes of Urikon were knighted at Einsideln, Canton of Zurich, by Frederic, Roman Emperor, whereupon they received a confirmation, "to them and their heirs, forever and ever" of the ancient coat of arms portrayed here. John S. Wurts, MAGNA CHARTA, 1954, Part VII, p. xiv.

(I would describe it as...)

ARMS- Or, two pallets Gules, a notch dexter side
CREST- An angel praying proper

On the following page is a picture of a knight in armor, upon a charging horse rearing on its hind legs. The knight's helmet bears an angel praying, and on the breastplate of the horse is found the same shield pictured at right, with a caption,"On the fifteenth of November, 1315, the three sons of Albert von Uerikon: Rudolph, Berenger and Conrad who is pictured above, died in the Canton of Zurich, at the battle of Morgarten, between Duke Leopold of Austria and the Swiss Confederacy."

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