27 Dec 1997, received these biographies prepared by Gwen Muetzel, of 
	Aliquippa, PA, also a descendant of Isaac W. Williams and Martha Jane 

                    Martha Jane Lancaster Williams (#45)
        Martha Jane Lancaster was born in Brownsville on Sept. 12, 1824
    to Matthias Lancaster and Angelina Frazier. She had six brothers and
    sisters: Harriet, 1829 - Dec. 21, 1901; Ascha, 1832; Caleb, 1837; 
    David, 1839 - Dec. 31, 1862; John, 1843; and Robert, 1847.
         On Jan. 18, 1844, Martha married Isaac W. Williams. They had ten
    children. We learn names and other information from the death notice found
    at the Uniontown Library found in "The Daily News Record". Martha died on
    Friday morning, Feb. 19, 1904 at her home on Morgantown St. She was a
    "woman of high Christian character and a member of the First Presbyterian
         She was survived by all her children: Thomas Benton*, March 26, 1845,
    living in Clarksburg; Martha Jane (Jennie-Mrs. O. P. Markle), 1853; Annie
    (Mrs. Samuel G. Nixon), Dec. 1, 1854; Emma (Mrs. George L. Brooke), 1859;
    Julia, 1865, married to Marshall Brooke after Martha's death; Isaac Newton,
    1862, married to Lulu M. Adams of Clarksburg on Oct. 27, 1887; Josiah Van
    Kirk, Sept. 17, 1848, married to Ellen Derrick and took over the brick
    making business of his father; Elliott William, 1859, married to Ada
    Bailey, and was a brick manufacturer in Clarksburg; Rev. Charles B., Feb.
    2, 1864 - Nov. 17, 1928, became an Episcopalian Pastor at St. Thomas
    Church, at Whitemarsh, near Philadelphia; and Harry Cary, Oct. 4, 1869 -
    Apr. 13, 1930, married to Grace Kiddie, and was a bookkeeper for Elkins
    Coal and Coke Company in Elkins, WV. Martha was also survived by her
    siblings: Robert of Dunbar, John of Braddock, and Ascha who resided in
         The grandchildren of Martha that we have information about beside
    those of Thomas Benton belong to: Josiah Van Kirk, who had married Ellen
    Derrick on Sept. 17, 1871. They had three children: Allan Derrick,
    Florence, and Eliza. Annie, who had married Samuel Nixon, a prominent
    citizen of Uniontown, on Oct. 30, 1880, had seven children: Pearl, Jesse,
    Raymond, Martha, William, Paul, and Julie. Charles had four children: Paul
    Frazer, Donald Henderson, Dorothy Barrett (Wurts) and Margaret (Doane).
    Harry's children were: Arthur Kiddy, Mary Margaret, Achsah Emma, Anna Lee,
    ______ md. Otto Karl Saverwein, and ______ md. Joseph Marvin Hughart.
    [*CORRECTION- Children listed here as Harry's prior to 5/23/98:  Adda (Platos) 
    and Frank Alexander of Brownsville; David and Stella from Pittsburgh; and 
    Etta (Bateson) of Louisville, Ohio are actually children of Frank Clarence
    Williams and Grace ______.]
         Martha Jane Lancaster's funeral services were conducted by Rev. A.S.
    Milholland. The last time we see Martha before her death in Uniontown is
    on the 1900 census, living on Morgantown St., her age is 75, living with
    her daughter Julia B. Williams, age 35. She died of Feb. 19, 1904 and is
    interred at the Oak Grove Cemetery at Uniontown.

                           Matthias Lancaster (#46)
         Matthias was born in Brownsville, PA about 1798. 1 believe that his
    father may have been John Lancaster, found on the Fayette County 1800
            John Lancaster - Males: 1(under 10), 1(10-16), 1(26-45)
                             Females: 3(under 10), 1(26-45)
         There were quite a few Lancasters in the area after 1800. The only
    possible relation, I believe, is a brother, Joseph, who is found on all
    the census records from 1820 to 1850.
         Matthias had married Angelina Frazier in Uniontown about 1823. We
    don't see them on the 1830 census, but they are found in 1840:

            Males: 1(under 5), 1(10-15), 1(40-50)
            Females: 1(under 5), 1(10-15), 1(30-40)
         Matthias was a hatter by trade. He and Angelina were the parents of
    nine children, two of whom died in infancy. According to the 1850 Fayette
    County Census, we can establish approximate dates of birth for
    the family members:
           Matthias Lancaster   52   Hatter     1798     PA
           Angelina Lancaster   47              1803     PA
            Harriet Lancaster     21            1827     PA
            Ascha Lancaster       18            1832     PA
            Caleb Lancaster       13            1837     PA
            David Lancaster       10            1839     PA
            John Lancaster         7            1843     PA
            Robert Lancaster       3            1847     PA
         Martha Jane* was not listed on this census since she had married
    Isaac W. Williams in 1844. Matthias' son David served as a Lieutenant in
    the 85th PA Volunteers during the Civil War and died on Dec. 31, 1862, of
    his wounds; John served in the PA Regiment; and Robert became a hatter as
    his father had been. Harriet, who was born in 1827, died on Dec. 21, 1901.
    Martha* who lived until 1904, was survived by her sister, Ascha, and her
    brothers, John and Robert.
         Even though we do not see Matthias and Angelina on the 1860 census
    for Uniontown, we do find them in 1870:
            Matthias Lancaster    70(?)     PA      Farmer
            Angelina Lancaster    68(?)     PA      Keeps house
            Harriet Lancaster     35        PA      At home
            Ackey Lancaster       28        PA      At home
            John Smith            32        Canada Farm laborer
            Elizabeth Smith       28        PA
    After this, there is no other information on Matthias and Angelina.
         From the 1880 census, we find John and Robert, both living in
    Dunbar, and their familiesJohn Lancaster, 34;Ellen, 33; Harry, 9; John, 7; Lizzie, 4;
                               Williamina, 2.
            Robert Lancaster, 29; Annie, 23; Lina, 3; Dennis, 4/12;
                                Minnie Martin, 10.

                      Angelina Frazier (Lancaster) (#60)
         Angelina Frazier was born in Brownsville about 1803 to Francis
    Frazier and Martha Dodd. She had one brother, William E. Frazier, who
    was born about 1804. Angelina's father left his family about 1807.
    On the 1810 census, we find Martha Dodd, Angelina, and William living
    with Martha's parents, Ucal Dodd and Abigail Homan.
            Ukil Dodd - Males: 1(under 10), 1(45+)
                        Females:  1(under 10), 2(26-45)
         The 1820 census shows just Martha and Angelina. On Sept. 4, 1819
    William E., at the age of 14, petitioned the court to appoint Stephen
    Lensby as his legal guardian.
         Angelina married Matthias Lancaster around 1823. They had seven
    children: Martha*, 1824; Harriet, 1829; Ascha, 1832; Caleb, 1837; David,
    1840; John, 1843; and Robert, 1847. Two children had died in infancy.
    David was a lieutenant in the 85th volunteers and died of his wounds.
    John served in the PA regiment. Robert became a hatter as his father had
    been. Matthias and Angelina appeared on the 1840


    and 1850 tax rolls, but I couldn't find them on the 1860 census. In 1870
    they are again found on the Fayette County census:
            Matthias Lancaster, 70, farmer, PA; Angelina, 68, keeps house,
                     PA; Harriet, 35, PA; Ackey, 28, PA; John Smith, 32, farm
                     laborer, Canada; Elizabeth Smith, 28, PA
         By 1870, Angelina's mother, Martha was deceased. We find William E.
    Frazier, 66, retired merchant; Aschsah, 70, keeps house; they are living
    in Fayette City. Angelina's father, Francis, was found on one other census
    in 1850, living in Eveshaw Township, Burlington County, New Jersey. After
    1870, we lose track of Angelina and Matthias.
         In 1880, we find sons, John and Robert in Dunbar:
       JohnLancaster, 34; Ellen, 33; Harry, 9; John, 7; Lizzie, 4;
                 Williamina, 2.
     RobertLancaster, 29; Annie, 23; Lina, 3; Dennis, 4 months;
                   Minnie Martin, 10.

                           Francis Frazier (#61)
         Francis Frazier was born in Uniontown, Luzerne Township on April
    17,1771 to Andrew Frazier and Mary Eliott. His father mentions all of his
    children in his will of 1801. Francis was to receive the residue of his
    estate and all the household goods. It appears that Andrew made his will
    to list his children chronologically: Mary (Gray), Elizabeth (Aikers),
    Rachel (Russell), Esther (McWilliams), William, Ellinder (Stewart), and
    then Francis.
         From the history of Fayette County, it was believed that Francis was
    educated at Princeton University for the ministry, but adopted the legal
    profession- I have to question this research, however.  He may have gone
    there when he had left his family in Uniontown.
         He had moved to Brownsville as a young man and had settled on, what
    was to be known as, the Croft farm, near Brownsville. Francis inherited this
    farm from his father who had built a log home in 1772.  Andrew had built a
    tall chimney on the structure with "AF 1772" in the top part so everyone
    could see it from all around.
         Francis is found on the 1800 Fayette County census, single, about 26
    or 27. He married Martha Dodd, daughter of Ucal Dodd and Abigail Homan
    around 1801. Shortly after they had married, Francis and Martha moved to
    the farm that Francis had inherited They had a daughter, Angelina*,
    and a son, William E.
         Sometime between 1805 and 1810, Francis disappeared from the
     scene . In the census of 1810 we find Martha and her two young
    children living with her parents, Ucal And Abigail Dodd.  In 1820,
    Martha is listed alone with her daughter Angelina. It is from the
    Orphan's Court dockets found at the.  Uniontown Library, that we find
    William E. Frazier, age 14, petitioning the court to appoint Stephen
    Lensby as his guardian on Sept. 4, 1819.  He charges that his father
    had been missing for twelve years and didn't know if he were living or
    dead and someone needed to care for his "person and estate".  I. 
    do believe that Francis Frazier came back to Uniontown at a later date,
    since we find a Francis E. Frazier in Luzerne Township in 1840. It is
    noted that Francis died, probably in Uniontown, on April 16, 1840.
         In that same time period Martha Dodd Frazier is found living with her
    son, William E. and his wife, Aschah. She lived there until the time of
    her death on Aug. 26, 1865. William and Aschah had four children: C. T.
    Frazier, W. E. Frazier (Jr.), Ellen S. (Fulton), and

    Narcissa Jane (Connelly). Martha, son William and William's wife, Aschah,
    are all buried at the Auburn Cemetery in Fayette City. There is only the
    very slightest possibility that Francis could also be buried there.

                           Andrew Frazier (#118)
         Andrew Frazier emigrated to Fayette County, PA around 1768. I believe
    that his family came from Algais, Inverness-Shire, Scotland. Andrew's
    parents possibly were Hugh and Magdalene Frazier. From the records I found
    at the Mormon Library, one Hugh Frazier was married to Jannett McEandry
    and they had at least one son, David, July 2, 1715. Another Hugh Frazier,
    or possibly the same, was married to Magdalene Frazier and had a son,
    Andrew, about 1723. Other Frazier of possibly the same marriage were:
    William, Nov. 4, 1720; Robert, 1725; Margaret, 1727; Isabel, 1729; Mary,
    1731; Amelia, 1733; and six others born: 1735, 1737, 1740, 1742, and 1744.
    1 believe that James and Jonathan from Washington County with David were
    some of the same Frazier family that had moved to this area from New
    Jersey, probably through Nova Scotia, where it is noted that many of the
    Frazier had emigrated from Scotland. Hugh Frazier was listed on the
    emigration from Scotland.
            Andrew settled in Luzerne Township in Fayette County and married Mary
    Eliott. We learn a great deal from Andrew's will found at the Fayette
    County Courthouse. His will was dated Jan. 10, 1801 and was probated Feb.
    3, 1801. "To his eldest daughter Mary Gray, five pounds; to his second
    daughter Elizabeth Akers, five shillings; to his third daughter Rachel
    Russel, five shillings; and to his fourth daughter Esther McWilliams, five
    shillings. To his eldest son William five shillings, to William's eldest
    son Andrew five pounds, and to his youngest daughter Ellinder Stewart,
    five pounds. To Mary's children, Mary Gray Bouvier, and Benjamin Gray,
    five pounds. But to Francis*, Andrew bequeathed the residue of his estate,
    along with his household goods and moveable effects." He also granted
    freedom to his two Negro servants, Pete and Robert.
         From "The History of Fayette County" by Ellis, p. 636, we learn that
    Andrew built a log home on the W. S. Croft farm where Francis had later
    settled. Andrew built an extremely high chimney, on which was inscribed,
    "AF 1772". We also learn that Andrew was an elder of the Dunlap's Creek
    Presbyterian Church in 1787. There were seven other elders and 83
    members. Andrew had served as an elder since 1774 when the church had
    been organized.
         The 1790 census reads: Andrew Frazier, Luzerne Twp. with two
    males over 16, including heads of household; two females; and two
    Negro slaves.
         It is noted that Andrew Stewart, Ellinder's husband, was a member of
    the Uniontown Bar and that John Bouvier, who had married Andrew's
    granddaughter, Mary, was the author of a law directory. From some
    information received from Elizabeth Tyler, I have learned that Andrew's
    daughter Mary and her husband William Gray had moved to Bourbon County in
    Kentucky where their daughter Mary (Bouvier) married Isaac Cook on Feb.
    16, 1810. That is very likely. Perhaps Mary's first husband, John Bouvier
    had died. They had a daughter, Margaret Cook, Nov. 16, 1812 - March 19,
    1885, who was Elizabeth Tyler's ancestor.
         In 1790, we find, whom I believe to be Andrew's brothers, in

    Washington County, PA_
            William: Males - 1(over 16); 3 Females-Washington County
            James: Males - 2(over 16), 1(under 16); 2 Females-Washington
            Jonathan: Males - 2(over 16), 1(under 16); 5 Females-
                      Allegheny County, part taken from Washington
        There is one other possible brother mentioned in Washington,
    Benjamin. I received information from Mary Ann Gallo, about David. Other
    sources were: the genealogical room at the Beaver Falls Library and the
    Mormon Library at Greentree. David was born in Scotland on July 2, 1715
    and was married there. One son was born in Scotland, but, when David's
    wife died, he moved to Washington County where he married Jennet
    (Frazier). They had six children: John; Robert; Francis, who was a school
    teacher in what was Peters Township, now Bethel Park Boro (both Robert and
    Francis died in July of 1786); Jennet (Phillips); Elizabeth (Craig); and
    Sarah (McCoy). David died in 1781 and his wife Jennet, in 1790.
        Andrew died on Jan. 25, 1801 at the age of 78, and was possibly
    buried at the Frazier Cemetery in Fayette City or near Dunlap's Creek.

                            Ucal Dodd (#130)
        Ucal Dodd was born to Stephen Dodd and Deborah Brown about 1750 in
    Mendham, NJ. His mother Deborah was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth
    Brown of Newark. Ucal was born into a large family of five brothers and
    six sisters: Lebbeus, Feb. 15, 1739 - March 31, 1816; Thaddeus, March 7,
    1740 - May 20, 1793; Daniel, 1745 - Oct. 11, 1824; Parmenas, 1748 Apr. 28,
    1811. The sisters in the family were: Elizabeth, 1729 March 16, 1817;
    Keziah; Deborah; Abigail; Sarah; and Hannah. I believe that the brothers
    and then the sisters were listed in chronological order.
        Many of Stephen's descendants had settled in the west through his two
    sons, Thaddeus and Daniel, who originally settle in Western PA. I believe
    that Ucal also was found in Washington County at one time with Daniel,
    Thaddeus, and Lebbeus.
         The PA census of 1790 shows Daniel Dodd of Washington County.
            Males:  3(over 16), 3(under 16); Females: 4
        Also listed are Thaddeus and Lebbeus. I also found a Neal Dodd. I
    believe that this is actually Ucal. The "U" could easily been mistaken
    for and "N" and the "C" for an "E".
         Neal Dodd, Washington County:
            Males:  1(over 16), 2(under 16); Females:  3
        Ucal Dodd married Abigail Homan in Mendham, NJ about 1775. It is
    fairly apparent that they brought their family to Washington County, PA.
    If this is the case, Ucal and Abigail's family were mature or remained in
    Washington with relatives. They moved to Dunlap's Creek, Fayette County
    with their daughter Martha*, born Aug. 1, 1782. She married Francis
    Frazier about 1801.
        We see Ucal Dodd on the Luzerne Township census for Fayette
    County in 1810: "Ukil Dodd"
             Males: 1(1-10), 1(45+); Females: 1(1-10), 2(26-45) The two
                 children are William and Angelina Frazier, children of
                 Martha and Francis. Francis Frazier deserted his family
                 around 1807 and so we find Martha and children with her
         Ucal and his family probably arrived in Uniontown between 1795

    and 1805. He is mentioned in "The History of Fayette County" by Ellis as
    living in Merrittstown, "which lies upon Dunlap's Creek on the eastern
    line of Luzerne Twp." The history is: Samuel Douglas had a grist mill and
    sawmill there as early as 1785. He sold his interests to the Merritts who
    had conceived the notion of building a village around the nucleus of the
    mill. The Merritt brothers sold their property and moved to Ohio. Richard
    Bates became the miller at the old Douglas Mill and the proprietor was
    "Encal" Dodd. "Encal was esteemed a great talker, as well as one of the
    most rigidly honest men in the county, but slightly given to absent
         We see Ucal again as he signs a paper, along with 90 other members,
    commissioning the services of Rev. William Johnston as pastor of the
    Dunlap's meeting house in Sept. 1812.
         Between 1785 and 1800, licenses to tavern keepers were issued in the
    Uniontown area. One such keeper was William Homan, possibly Abigail's
         I am not sure if Ucal and Abigail died after the last mention of Ucal
    in 1812, but we do not see them on any other census after 1810. There is
    also the possibility that they had emigrated to another area.

                           Stephen Dodd (#129)
         Stephen Dodd was born on April 4, 1703 in Newark, NJ to Daniel Dodd
    and Elizabeth Riggs. He is part of the Mendham Dodd, whose descendants
    settled in Western PA and then, some traveled west. Stephen married
    Deborah Brown, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Brown in Essex, Newark
    about 1737.
         Stephen and Deborah's children were: Lebbeus, Feb. 15, 1739 - March
    31, 1816; Thaddeus, March 9, 1740 - May 20, 1793; Daniel, 1745 - Oct. 11,
    1824; Parmenas, 1748 - April 28, 1811; Usal*; Elizabeth, 1738 - March 16,
    1817; Keziah; Deborah; Abigail; Sarah; and Hannah. I believe that first the
    sons and then the daughters were listed in chronological order.
         Elizabeth married Ebenezer Cooke, son of Daniel Cooke of Mendham,
    Jan. 5, 1764. Keziah married Ephriam Sanders of Mendham; their children
    were: Beviah, Simeon, Daniel, Sarah, Stephen, Cyrus (born 1770), and Asa.
    Deborah married William Minthorn in 1771 who died on Nov. 2, 1781 at
    Yorktown fight. Abigail married Obed Wright. Sarah married a Mr. Minton.
    And Hannah married William Brown who had been "killed in Indian troubles".
         Lebbeus was a farmer and a soldier. He had married Mary Baldwin, July
    9, 1744 - April 9, 1810. Their children were: Hannah, Eunice, Phebe,
    Stephen, Abner, Rachael, Mary, Daniel, Abigail, and Elizabeth. *Lebbeus and
    Mary Baldwin's son Daniel married Nancy Squier and their daughter, Susan B.
    Dodd, wife of David Brown, was the donor of Dodd Hall, in memory of her
    brother, Albert Baldwin Dodd, and also Brown Hall, in memory of her
    husband, David Brown. Both of these halls are located at Princeton
    University.* Thaddeus became a preacher and lived at Ten Mile, Amity,
    Washington County. He married Phebe Baldwin, 1747 - Nov. 3, 1829 and they
    had five children: Sarah, Cephas, Hannah, Mary, and Stephen. Daniel can
    also be found at Ten Mile. His children were: Silas, Ithiel, Rufus, Daniel,
    Chloe, Jediathen, Rhoda, and Phebe. Parmenas remained in New Jersey as a
    soldier. He had married Patricia Wright and their children were: Mary,
    Phebe, Daniel, Azelbah, Stephen, Ziba, and Sarah.

         Stephen died on May 22, 1764 at Mendham, NJ.  We have no record
    of Deborah Brown Dodd's death.

                            Daniel Dodd (#125)
         Daniel was born about 1679 at Guilford, Connecticut to Stephen
    Dodd and Mary Stevens. His brother Samuel was born about 1682.
         Daniel was, by profession, a surveyor. The first mention of his name
    as a surveyor is found in the Newark town records on March 14, 1721, and
    the last time was on March 14, 1732. He built a saw mill on the Rahway
    River near present day Maplewood in the vicinity of what was once
    Jefferson Village. The mill was built before 1718, cooperatively with Dr.
    Jacob Arents. Daniel came to Newark about 1700.
         In 1701, Daniel joined with a group of settlers in a project to
    purchase a tract of land over the 'mountain' at Horse Neck, now Caldwell.
    Among the adventurers were his uncles, Daniel and Samuel, sons of Stephen
    Sr. He also obtained a homestead between the lands of his cousins, Daniel
    and John, located along the road from Newark to the "mountain", now Dodd
    St., near Prospect, East Orange, where he appears to have lived there in
    his later years with his son Timothy.
         On June 17, 1702, Daniel married Elizabeth Riggs, daughter of
    Joseph Riggs and Hannah Brown. Hannah's sister Phebe Brown had also
    married into the Dodd family. Daniel and Elizabeth's children were:
    Stephen*, April 4, 1703; Phebe, 1703 - July 16, 1768; John, May 14, 1711
    - Aug. 10, 1785; and Timothy, 1715 - April 1751.
         Phebe married Peter Condict, son of Peter Condict and ? Harrison, in
    1725. Their children were: Sarah, 1726; Joseph, 1728; Rhoda, 1731;
    Nathaniel, Oct. 1733; Ebenezer, 1736; Silas, March 7, 1738; Phebe, 1740;
    and Peter, April 8, 1744. John, known as the carpenter, married Jemima
    Harrison ' April 21, 1714 - July 29, 1777. Their children were: Necoler,
    Adonijah, James, Elizabeth, Matthew, Jemima, and Abel. And Timothy
    reportedly had three children: Jesse, Phebe, and Timothy.
         Daniel died about 1748 at "Doddtown", Newark, NJ.

                       Stephen Dodd, Senior (#123)
         Stephen Dodd was born in Branford, Connecticut on Feb. 16, 1655 to
    Daniel Dodd and Mary Wheeler. His brothers and sisters were: Mercy,
    Hannah, Daniel, Ebenezer, and Samuel.
         There is a record of Stephen on a list of Newark men over 16 who were
    forced to take an oath of allegiance to the Dutch government in 1673, when
    New York had been captured by the Dutch on Aug. 9, 1673 and held until
    Feb. 6, 1794.
         Stephen went back to Guilford where he married Mary Stevens on May
    18, 1678. Stephen and Mary had two sons: Daniel* and Samuel, 1682 - May
    24, 1757.
         Stephen had divided his belongings between his two sons, naming
    them in his will. But on     May 3, 1707, Daniel* recorded a quit claim
    deed to all his rights in      favor of his brother Samuel. He had made
    the decision to move back to Newark. Samuel remained a farmer. His
    children were: Ebenezer,  Samuel, Hannah, Sarah, and Mary.
         Stephen died on Oct. 9, 1691. He had been preceded in death by his
    wife Mary since he made mention of willing his deceased wife's wedding
    dress to his sister Anna Dodd Fowler.

                         Daniel Dodd, Senior (#121)
         Daniel Dodd was born either in Essex of Suffolk, England around
    1620. There was a heavy migration to New England between 1630 and 1640.
    It is believed that Daniel met his wife Mary during that time. Daniel and
    Mary are found at Branford, Connecticut, as early as 1646 - 1647. In
    Daniel's son Stephen's* will, Stephen mentioned his cousin Mary Wheeler.
    It is believed that his mother, Mary's surname could very likely have
    been Wheeler.
         The children baptized in New Haven, CT in the Branford Church in June
    of 1651 were: Mercy (Mary); Hannah (Anna), and Daniel. Other children born
    to Daniel and Mary were: Ebenezer, Stephen*, and Samuel.
         Daniel reportedly died between sowing time in 1665 and the harvest
    of 1666. Mary Wheeler, his wife, had died previously on May 26, 1657 and
    both Daniel and Mary were buried at Branford, Connecticut.
         Mercy (Mary), eldest daughter of Daniel and Mary, married Aaron
    Blachly, son of Thomas and Susannah Blachly in Feb. 1665. Their children
    were: Thomas, 1665 - Dec. 20, 1692; Susannah, 1669 - Jan. 29, 1728,
    married Ebenezer French on May 3, 1736; Mary, 1668, married Nathaniel
    Allis; Sarah, 1670, married Christopher Fost and then Samuel Norton;
    Samuel, 1672; Hannah, March 5, 1673, died young; Daniel, Jan. 9, 1675 -
    May 3, 1712; Ebenezer, 1677; Joseph, 1680 - Oct. 14, 1704; and Benjamin,
    married Naomi Dudley on Nov. 27, 1712. After the death of her father, Mary
    and Aaron moved to Newark, NJ, bringing with them her brothers, Daniel,
    Ebenezer, and Samuel.
         Hannah and Stephen* remained in Guilford, but in 1667, Stephen joined
    Mary and Aaron Blachly in Newark. Hannah, who had been baptized in June of
    1652 at New Haven, married a Mr. Fowler of Guilford, Conn. Daniel's son
    Daniel was born in 1649 and reportedly died from a fall from a load of hay
    between 1701 and 1714. His children were: Daniel, Stephen (a cooper), John,
    and Dorcas. Ebenezer, Dec. 11, 1651 - 1675, was a town constable in Newark.
    A daughter, born March 29, 1653, died unnamed. Stephen* was born Feb. 16,
    1655. Samuel was born on May 2, 1657, but was left motherless at 24 days
    old, when his mother, Mary Wheeler Dodd, had died. Samuel lived until 1714.

                         Isaac W. Williams (#48)
         Isaac W. Williams was born in Uniontown, PA on Nov. 23, 1822 to
    Daniel Webb Williams and Jemima Lewis. His parents were the first of this
    line to settle in the Uniontown, coming though the Shenandoah Valley,
    about 1816. His brothers and sisters were: Daniel, Dec. 4, 1784 - Sept.
    16, 1879; Lewis, March 6, 1811 - May 29, 1890; Sarah, Sept. 17, 1812 -
    Oct. 24, 1843; Mary Ann, Dec. 16, 1814 - Feb. 7, 1891; John, May 28, 1817
    - April 12, 1887; Thomas, April 14, 1819 - May 28, 1901; and Joseph, May
    9, 1829 - May 21, 1902.
         On Jan. 18, 1844, Isaac married Martha Jane Lancaster*. They had a
    large family. Thomas Benton*, Feb. 8, 1845 - April 6, 1926, was the eldest.
    Lewis, 1847 - Oct. 9, 1901, married Rebecca Clark, remaining in Uniontown.
    Josiah Van Kirk, Sept. 17, 1848, married Ellen Derrick on Sept. 17, 1871
    and continued in his father's brick making business. They had three
    children: Allen D., Florence, and Eliza. Elliott Wm,, 1850, married Ada
    Bailey and was a brick manufacturer in Clarksburg, WV. Isaac Newton, 1862,
    married Lulu M. Adams on Oct. 27, 1887.

    Charles Barnes, Feb. 2, 1864 - Nov. 17, 1928, married Margaret Rich and
    became a Protestant Episcopalian Pastor in Whitemarsh, Montgomery, PA near
    Philadelphia. He had four children: Paul Frazer, Donald Henderson, Dorothy
    Barrett (Wurts), and Margaret (Doane). Harry Cary, Oct. 4, 1869 - April
    13, 1930, married Grace Kiddie on Oct. 9, 1890, and became a bookkeeper
    for the Elkins Coal and Coke Co, in Elkins, WV. They had six children:
    Arthur Kiddy, Mary Margaret, Achsah Emma, Anna Lee, ______ md. Otto Karl 
    Saverwein, and ______ md. Joseph Marvin Hughart.
    [*CORRECTION- Children listed here as Harry's prior to 5/23/98: Adda (Platos) 
    and Frank Alexander of Brownsville; David and Stella from Pittsburgh; and 
    Etta (Bateson) of Louisville, Ohio are actually children of Frank Clarence
    Williams and Grace ______.]
        One daughter, Marjorie, died in infancy. Martha Jane (jenny), 1853,
    married Oliver Perry Markle, a real estate dealer in Uniontown. Emma, 1859,
    married George Brooke, a merchant of Uniontown. From the Fayette County
    Courthouse is a recorded will of George Brooke, written on Jan. 18, 1908;
    George died on Dec. 18, 1914 and his will probated, May 25, 1915. Julia,
    1865, married Marshall Brooke sometime after 1900 when she is seen with
    Martha on the 1900 census. She and her husband Marshall had moved to
    Addison, PA, where Marshall's will was written on May 17, 1920. He died on
    May 8, 1927, and the will was probated on July 26, 1927. Annie, Dec. 1,
    1854, married Samuel Gregg Nixon, born Dec. 11, 1852. Samuel was the son
    of Moses and Louisa Bailey. Annie and Samuel were married on Oct. 30, 1880
    and had seven children: Pearl, Jessie, Ray, Martha Jane, William, Moses,
    and Julia.
        The earliest census record is 1840, showing Isaac in Union Twp. In
    1850 we find this information on the census:    
            Isaac W.Williams, 26; Martha J., 25; Thomas*, 5; Louis, 3;
                     Josiah, 2; William E., 3 months
        In 1860 South Union Township:
            Isaac, 37; Martha J., 35; Thomas*, 16; Lewis, 14; Josiah, 11;
                William Elliott, 9; Martha (Jennie), 7; Mary (Annie),5;
                Emma, 2
        More members are added to the family in 1870, Uniontown Boro
            Issac, 47, farmer; Martha J., 45, keeps house; Isaac N., 8;
                Charles, 6; Harry, 8 months; Martha (Jennie), 16; Mary
                (Annie), 14; Emma, 11; Julie, 5
        The next census is for 1880. The family is living on Stewart St. in
    Union Township
            Isaac W., 57; Martha J., 55; Jennie, 25; Ackey E. (Emma), 21;
                Julie, 15; Isaac N., 18; Charles, 16; Harry, 8
        Isaac established a brick manufacturing business in South Union
    Township and worked there until his retirement in 1869 when he turned his
    business over to his son Josiah. "During his later years, Isaac engaged in
    small farming or gardening operations. He was a Republican and a member of
    the Presbyterian Church". Isaac died on Nov. 21, 1889 in Uniontown, and is
    buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Uniontown.

                         Daniel Webb Williams (#39)
        Daniel Webb Williams was born in Frederick County, VA on Dec. 4, 1784
    to Thomas Williams and Mary Webb (?). He married Jemima Lewis, daughter of
    Abraham and Elizabeth Lewis on March 16, 1809 in Frederick County. From
    there they entered Fayette County through the Shenandoah Valley near
    Winchester about 1816, settling in Menallen Township. Lewis, March 6, 1811
    - May 29, 1890; Sarah, Sept. 17, 1812 - Oct. 24, 1843; and Mary Ann, Dec.
    16, 1814 - Feb. 7, 1891 were all born in VA. John L., May 28, 1817 - April
    12, 1887; Thomas L., April 14, 1819 - May 28, 1901; Isaac W.*, Nov. 23,
    1822; Daniel Webb Jr., Aug. 5, 1825 - Sept. 16, 1879; and Joseph Grubb,
    May 9, 1829 - May 21, 1902 were born in Fayette County. We have learned
    that Daniel became a farmer and was a shoemaker by trade as he went from
    house to house repairing and making shoes.
         We see Daniel and family on the 1820 census of Fayette County:
            Males: 2(0-10), 1(10-16), 1(26-45)
            Females: 2(0-10), 1(10-16), 1(26-45)
        Joseph married Sarah Amanda Strawn on Dec. 18, 1850 in Iowa. They
    had four children: John Allen, Samuel Elliott, Jasper Markel, and Eliza
    Matilda (Thompson). Daniel Webb Jr. married Mary Ann Chick on Feb. 25,
    1849. Daniel served in the Civil War, was captured and confined for a
    long time in Libby Prison. Thomas, married Elizabeth Ann Sumption on July
    26, 1842. He went to California, served in the Civil War also and later
    died in Ohio.
        Sarah had married Jacob Richard on May 14, 1835. Mary Ann was also
    married. She had married Alexander Chisholm on May 27, 1841.
        Lewis, the eldest son of Daniel and Jemima, remained in Menallen
    Township and many of his descendants are found in the Uniontown area, such
    as Wes Williams, caretaker of the Oak Grove Cemetery. Many of that family
    are also buried at Oak Grove. Isaac* and Martha Jane Lancaster Williams*
    can also be found there.
        Of Daniel and Jemima's children, there is a great deal of information
    about only three. Isaac*, of whom there is more later. Lewis married
    Margaret Harris on Nov. 7, 1833 in Uniontown. They had eleven children:
    Sarah (Miner/Barnett), Jane (Crossland), Mary (Carter), Julia (Pegg),
    James, Margaret (Allen), Lewis, Fuller, John Thomas, Maria (died at age
    11), and Issac. John L. Williams married Sara Ann Brown of Uniontown and
    they had ten children: Amanda Jane, Anne, Margaret, Francis, Jemima, John,
    Erving, Robert, Trudy, and Benjamin. John remained in Uniontown as a
        At this point we do not know when Daniel died. Jemima died on Oct.
    10, 1751 in Uniontown. John L. Williams, his wife Sarah Anne, Sept. 5,
    1821 - April 5, 1887; and his daughter Jemima, Nov. 11, 1846 - Jan. 25,
    1929, are buried at the Sandy Hill Quaker Cemetery in Menallen Township.
    It is believed by Wes Williams, a direct descendent of Lewis , that Daniel
    and Jemima are also buried there, though no marker is evident.

24 DEC 1997                 AHNENTAFEL CHART
 AHNENTAFEL                                         DATE        DATE
   NUMBER        NAME-#                           OF BIRTH   OF DEATH
                               GENERATION 1
    1 Martha Jane Lancaster Williams-45         Sep 12 1824 Feb 19 1904
    					 GENERATION 2
    2 Matthias Lancaster-46                        Abt. 1798 After 1870

    3 Angelina Frazier (Lancaster)-60              Abt. 1803 After 1870
                               GENERATION 3
    4 John Lancaster-970                          Abt. 1760
    6 Francis Frazier-61                        Apr 17 1771 Apr 16 1840
    7 Martha Dodd (Frazier)-62                   Aug 4 1782 Aug 26 1865    
                               GENERATION 4
     8 Mr. Lancaster-980                          Abt. 1730
    12 Andrew Frazier-118                         Abt. 1723 Jan 25 1801
    13 Mary Eliott (Frazier)-1093                 Abt. 1725
    14 Ucal Dodd-130                              Abt. 1750   Abt. 1815
    15 Abigail Homan (Dodd)-131                   Abt. 1764   Abt. 1815
                               GENERATION 5

    28 Stephen Dodd-129                          Apr 4 1703 May 22 1764
    29 Deborah Brown (Dodd)-128                   Abt. 1705
    30 William Homan-284                          Abt. 1740
                               GENERATION 6
    56 Daniel Dodd-125                            Abt. 1679   Abt. 1748
    57 Elizabeth Riggs (Dodd)-126                 Abt. 1677
    58 Thomas Brown-135                           Abt. 1680
    59 Elizabeth (Brown)-136                      Abt. 1865
                               GENERATION 7
    112 Stephen Dodd, Senior-123                Feb 16 1655  Oct 9 1691
    113 Mary Stevens (Dodd)-124                   Abt. 1655
    114 Joseph Riggs-141                          Abt. 1650
    115 Hannah Brown (Riggs)-142                  Abt. 1655



24 DEC 1997                 AHNENTAFEL CHART
 AHNENTAFEL                                         DATE        DATE
   NUMBER        NAME-#                           OF BIRTH   OF DEATH
                               GENERATION 8
    224 Daniel Dodd, Senior-121                   Abt. 1620   Abt. 1666
    225 Mary Wheeler (Dodd)-134                   Abt. 1622 May 26 1657
    230 John Brown-143                            Abt. 1625
    231 Mary Burwell (Brown)-144                  Abt. 1630



4 DEC 1997                  AHNENTAFEL CHART
 AHNENTAFEL                                         DATE        DATE
   NUMBER        NAME-#                           OF BIRTH   OF DEATH
                               GENERATION 1

    1 Isaac W. Williams-48                      Nov 23 1822 Nov 21 1889
                               GENERATION 2
    2 Daniel Webb Williams-39                    Dec 4 1784
    3 Jemima Lewis (Williams)-572               May 30 1786 Oct 10 1851
                               GENERATION 3
    4 Thomas Williams-924                         Abt. 1740 Jun 11 1816
    5 Mary Webb (Williams)-981                    Abt. 1753 May 14 1807
    6 Abraham Lewis-660                           Abt. 1750 
    7 Elizabeth (Lewis)-659                       Abt. 1760

[Note:  I asked if Gwen had any more info on Thomas and Mary, and she 
        said that she didn't have [couldn't find] substantiation for their death dates
        and was removing those dates from her files.]

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